A modern mapping tool for transit planners.

One of the biggest limitations to the quality of transit is the tools that are used to plan it. Transitmix is here to change that. 

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Transitmix is a web-based tool to help transit planners (both professional and armchair) draw routes more efficiently. It began its life as a hackathon project developed by fellows at Code for America in 2014. Since its beta launch in June, Transitmix has been used to generate more than 125,000 bus lines and 40,000 new transit maps for more than 3,600 cities all over the world, all powered by open, standardized data.


Transitmix Pro: detailed geospatial analysis for transit

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Our team

Sam Hashemi
designer and builder,
tetris master.
Dan Getelman
skillful pragmatist.
Tiffany Chu
designer and researcher,
urban optimist.
Danny Whalen
friendly human.

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