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Transitmix is a web-based tool for the transit industry to sketch routes more efficiently, explore scenarios, and understand impacts – in a fraction of the time of your current workflow. Transitmix has been used to create over 50,000 new transit maps for more than 3,600 cities all over the world, all powered by open, standardized data.



We're happy to announce Transitmix Pro, which includes:

  • GTFS toolkit: your routes uploaded, and a collaborative, visual GTFS editor with import and export of GTFS
  • User accounts: a private, hosted maps dashboard
  • Geospatial analysis: add real-world context to your visualized network by overlaying critical data
  • Comparison: rapid evaluation of scenarios and options

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“We often sketch hypothetical transit networks, and we want to see how they impact population and employment density. I see Transitmix as a super GTFS editor that’s better than anything out there.”

-Matthew Barnes
Transit Network Manager, Oregon DOT


“I want to thank you and say that your tool made a complete difference in the success of our project, in which we mapped 457 routes in about a week...due to its usability in conducting workshops for transit agencies.”

-Diego Canales
Urban Transportation Specialist, The World Bank


“It’s much faster to do it in Transitmix... It has a lot of value, particularly for small transit systems. When we could upload our bus lines, it was like a dream come true.”

-Stefan Marks
Director of Planning and Scheduling, Veolia, Inc. in service to the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA)


Transitmix is a company that believes great transit requires great tools. Our philosophy is based on three values:

1. Encourage exploration.
2. Use data to drive decisions.
3. Enable real time collaboration.

Our team is comprised of four former fellows from Code for America, a leading organization empowering government to use technology in innovative ways.

Sam Hashemi, CEO
Dan Getelman, CTO
Tiffany Chu, Chief Design Officer
Danny Whalen, VP of Engineering

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